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Powder coating over hot-dipped galvanized steel.

In the past, protecting steel or metal from corrosion typically involved either the use of hot-dip galvanizing or some type of powder or wet coating system. However, with greater emphasis on long-term performance (50 to 100 years), more designers and owners are using a combination of both methods of protection in what is commonly referred to as a duplex system. A duplex system is simply powder coating steel that has been hot-dip galvanized.

When finishers combine powder coatings with galvanized steel, the corrosion control provided is superior to either system used alone. The galvanized coating protects the base fence steel, supplying it with cathodic and barrier protection. In addition, the galvanized coating prevents
the development of iron oxide under the powder coating system.

Amoy-Ironart offers a range of hot dip galvanised fencing for pedestrian barrier, security and safety fencing applications.